Take Your Vitamins!

Taking in vitamins and supplements for stress is becoming increasingly important these days. Vitamins were traditionally gotten out of the food we consume, “traditionally” in this sense meaning before the mid 1900’s.

Believe it or not, food is not just used to make us less hungry. I’m sure it seems that way what with all the fast food filled with chemicals, but food is how our bodies live. It’s our form of gasoline. “Duh”, you say, “Of course”. Well cars are becoming more and more efficient and burn less gasoline, why don’t our bodies? Why does our food lessen in quality, and our bodies run worse resulting in the fantastic number of medical issues these days.

The problem these days is that the food in America that is the most readily available makes us fatter and FATTER. Fast food, food filled with chemicals and toxins. This is NOT food. Whether you believe in having an organic diet or not, you simply cannot get away from the fact that as time goes on in America, so does the poundage. As you deplete the vitamins in your body, your health decreases or you become more susceptible to illness.

Stress is a major contributing factor as well. Your ability or inability to handle stress does not depend on what new drug you find. It depends on how well you keep your body nourished and in tune, and your ability to confront the things you don’t WANT to confront. B vitamins are HUGE for this. That’s why our vitamin for stress resistance (Stress & Adrenal Support) have B1, B2, B3, B4, B6, B12 and more.

Sleep is another huge part of the puzzle. You know when you hear a baby crying and whining you think, “Ah yes, little baby is hungry or tired”. So baby gets fed or rested and all is well. Why not you? How do you sleep these days? Are you a cranky little baby when you don’t get enough sleep? Is it because you CAN’T sleep? Do you take some sort of sleeping pill to knock you out then some sort of pick-me-up like coffee or energy drinks to wake yourself up? Calcium and Magnesium could possibly do you some good… but not without some sort of acid like vinegar or citric acid. Or you can try Sleep Support.

This is why anti stress supplements are important. Sleep problems and stress are probably a couple of the most common issues that people don’t even consider a problem anymore, it’s so prevalent. Why is it so common that “everyone has stress.” Ever heard that term before? Drug companies spend BILLIONS of dollars to get you to take their drugs. Just feed yourself well and take your vitamins. Then you can HANDLE the stress.

If you take good care of your body and/or you just want to increase the amount of nutrition you deliver to your body, then that’s great! We’ve got some excellent ways to do that as well. We have a complete product line of supplements for stress, nutrition, and more.