I have suffered with adrenal fatigue/burnout for 15 years. I get better for a while, but if I am faced with any stress, then I am back down to zero. It is like having Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Over the years, I have tried many glandulars, herbs, etc. for the adrenals. I have been taking them continuously for the past couple of years. Lately I have been under tremendous stress, and my “normal” supplements were not helping at all. I have not been able to sleep for several weeks, and have also been dealing with hypoglycemia. Yesterday, my Upper Cervical Chiropractor recommended this, and having nothing at all to lose, I decided to try it. I got 2 doses in yesterday and last night, I SLEPT ALL NIGHT !!!!!! I have even felt noticeably better today. I normally would not report on a supplement after I had only had 5 doses, but this is remarkable. Praise the LORD Jesus!
UPDATE: it is may 4, 2011 and I have been on this product over 1 month. It is remarkable! It is hands down the best adrenal supplement I have ever tried. I have been on :solaray “adrenal caps”, standard process “drenamin”, gaia herbs “adrenal support”, and women-to-women program for the adrenals. The “Stress and Adrenal Support” by New Health Products is in a category all by itself.

Lisa McCarter

This supplement changed my life. My chiropractor suggested it and it kept me off of anti-anxiety medication. It also helped my balance my hormones. The secret is that it’s chewable enabling you to actually absorb what you are taking. My chiropractor explained that when we are under stress, our bodies stop giving priority to certain systems like digestion so that it can focus on getting a good blood supply to other areas; so we don’t fully absorb what we digest. Well, I am a past WLS patient also and mal-absorb B12 and Zinc among other nutrients already so this formula made a huge difference for me!

D. Barnes

I recently completed radiation for breast cancer and was dealing with major fatigue and sleep issues. My chiropractor started me on this and I can really feel a difference in my energy level…especially on days that I forget to take it! I do my best not to forget anymore and I’m feeling so much like my old self again!


Wow! I can’t say enough about this product and not even for most of the product’s claims. But then I have been a bad girl and not taken the product as directed. You’re supposed to take three a day but because one of reasons I am taking pill is.bad memory I am doing good to remember even one or two a day if at all. After about a month or longer of inconsistency with thw product I noticed my nearly debilita ting arthritis has gotten way way way better. I would stiffen up riding in a car so bad I was almost unabable to walk for many minutes at the end.of.the ride. Sever hip and knee pain kept me awake nights. Same pain and weaknesa on right side of.body forced me to drag myself up stair cases with my left leg and.arms.
I began to notice all these problema.were beginning to disappear or at least get 90% better. The pnly change has been taking maybe one or.two of these pills.when I can remember.

Ha! Imagine what they could.do for me if I could remember to take them as directed.

Well, whether or not they will improve.enwrgy level or memory or not, I am elated.for what they have done for me. So muxh more free of pain and.better mobility than I have had in years…I am singing this product’s praises. Will reorder again and again and will be mad as @### if thsy ever take this product off Amazon.


This works for me. When I get really stressed out I take one a couple times a day for a couple days and I really feel better. My husband is battling a terminal disease. Stress comes with the journey. I have ordered several of these. Love this product.

Sandra K Farnham

Best stuff ever cant live with out it thank you.


These have really helped with my adrenal fatigue.

Heather Rockwell

When I first started with this product I hated it. I definitely slept better immediately, but I hated the taste. Then someone suggested sucking on the chewable until it dissolved, biting only tiny bits off at a time. Made the world of difference! I can’t believe three months later I actually look forward to taking them! have told several people about this product including my mother and sister. The feedback has been consistent and similar to mine; balanced mood, significantly decreased anxiety, better sleep and more energy. I’m sticking with this! If it ain’t brokeā€¦